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Round 6 report
Saturday, 16 June 2012

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Elina Danielian won against Nadezhda Kosinteseva and for the second time became the sole leader in FIDE Women Grand Prix in Kazan.  Armenian player chose the same variation which recently happened in her game against another Kosintseva sisterTatiana . Playing with black Katerina Lahno started to fight for initiative from the opening and tried to use a bad placement of white knight in the game against local celebrity Alisa Galliamova.  With very little time Alisa didn’t defend precisely and lost the game.  Tatiana Kosintseva scored the first full point playing against Betul Yildiz. Turkish player underestimated black’s attack on the queen’s side and didn’t use an opportunity to create contra play on the king’s side. World champion Hou Yifan got better position in the middle game against Antoaneta Stefanova and later on created a decisive attack on black’s king. Tense games Muzychuk-Kosteniuk and Koneru-Cmilte finished with draws.  

After six rounds of play, Elina Danielian leads with 4.5 points. Katerina Lahno and Anna Muzychuk share the second place with half  a point behind. Hampy Koneru and Viktorija Cmilyte are sharing 4th – 5th places with 3.5 points, followed by Nadezhda Kosintseva and Hou Yifan who placed 6-7 with 3 points. Alexandra Kostenyuk, Tatiana Kosintseva and Antoaneta Stefanova are ranking 8 – 10 with 2.5 points. Alisa Galliamova is currently eleventh with 2 points, followed by Betul Yildiz with 1 point. 

 IMG_5732 copy.jpg Elina Danielian – Nadezhda Kosinseva 1/2-1/2
Elina Danielian: I’ve played the same variation as in the game against Tatiana Kosintseva but today I preferred to keep my bishop and didn’t change him on f6. I had to play 16.b3 and cannot make castle because my opponent plays 16…dc and then 17. Bc4 Rc4 and 18…b5 winning a piece.  I thought Nadja could have played 16…Qd7 here and I was actually thinking not to change queens but play 17.Qb4 and after 17… Nc6 18. Qd2 Na5 there is an interesting opportunity to take Bf6. The position was very complicated after that.
Nadezhda Kosintseva: Actually I didn’t like the ending after 16…Qd7 17.Qd7 Nd7 and 18. Kd2.
Elina Danielian: if we continue 18…dc 19.bc and Rc6 I believe this position is ok for black, so I would definitely play Qb4.
Nadezhda Kosintseva: The ending which appeared on the board was about equal but in the time trouble I missed something, its not easy to say now where was the crucial mistake.
Other comments you can follow here.
Elina’s compatriot Araik Margarian, head coach of field hockey team of Kazan has recently celebrated his own victory in the Russian National Championship. Via journalists he sent his champion’s greetings to Elina and wishes of luck.
Elina Danielian: Please, send to the coach my greetings as well!  I knew there is a large Armenian community in Kazan, but I didn’t know, that some of them are doing field hockey. Armenia used to have a very strong field hockey school in the city of Razdan during Soviet Union period, and when it was over the school seemed to be destroyed or at least none knew what has happened to it. Maybe all the field hockey specialists came to Kazan to develop the sport here.  
 IMG_5735 copy.jpg Alisa Galliamova - Katerina Lahno 0:1
Katerina Lahno: I think I’ve got a good position in the opening but the game was very complicated.  White had their knight on h1 and I had to play active because I had a pawn down and h3 pawn could be weak in one moment.  After 14…e5 maybe white could try 15.Bg5 with the idea to take my knight on f6 if I play 15…ed. So 16.Bf6 Bf6 17.Nd5 Qd8 and 18.Bg4 with idea to change the bishops and try to win a pawn on h3. Instead of 21…d3 I should have played 21…Bf5.
Alisa Galliamova: There was an opportunity to play g4 instead of g3 which I chose in the game. Probably it would be better as my knight could get a square on g3. Later on I think I had to play 18.e5 and 19.f4 with idea to bring my knight back to the game. I think the mistake was to play 22.Bf3, 22.Bg4 was better.

 IMG_5765 copy.jpg Hou Yifan - Antoaneta Stefanova 1:0
Hou Yifan: I used to play 2. Bc4 many years ago. But I didn’t want to play force variations today, so I chose this line.  Maybe Black should not play Nh4. Since I opened f-file my position was better. I didn’t need to count many variations but just brought all pieces to the King’s side.
Antoaneta Stefanova:  I spent some time thinking what to play after Bc4 because I play different variations here.  I played so bad after that it doesn’t really matter which moves I chose (smiling).  Maybe I should have played Ng5 after I already played Nh7 because I think the idea with Nh4 was not really good. I spent some time on my 16th move calculating also ed because I felt that the opening of f-file can be quite dangerous.  
IMG_5789 copy.jpg  Anna Muzychuk - Alexandra Kostenyuk 1/2 -1/2
Anna Muzychuk: I checked this line today but it was not easy to understand which variation Alexandra was going to choose.
Alexandra Kosteniuk:  After the tragedy in the opening, which happened yesterday, I was studying Exchange Variation in Ruy Lopez. I analyzed my next opponent games and saw that Anna has also played this line before.  That’s why I thought it was quite reasonable to start learning it. So I didn’t have time to repeat the opening which happened today, however I played just on the spot and it seemed to have brought better results, than yesterday. I was pretty satisfied I have survived till the endgame (laughs) .
Anna Muzychuk: I’m not really sure about my move 15.Nd2. but I didn’t really like 15.Qe4 because of 15…f5 16.Qd5 Bb7. Maybe Ne1 was possible.
Alexandra Kosteniuk: I believe the endgame was drawish but somehow I made h5 move in the time trouble and I think I can be even worse somewhere.
Both participants showed very interesting variations and Alexandra Kosteniuk after that spoke about chess movies and plans of her sister to film a real movie about chess players. you can follow the press-conference here.
 IMG_5839 copy.jpg Humpy Koneru  - Viktorija Cmilyte 1/2 -1/2
Humpy Koneru: It was Benco Gambit today amd I think I had to play Bg5 instead of Bd2 in the opening. I think my move Bd4 was not good – I simply blundered the answer Nd3.  I think if black played 21…ed 22.Qd3 and22…Nf2 white would be in trouble.
Viktorija Cmilyte: actually white made the only move 22.Ne1 which I underestimated when I played 21…Ne5. In fact I was planning to play 22…Qh3 and 23…Ng4 threatening mate but white have the answer Nf3 and they protect everything.  I think after 37.Rb5 black had even a bit better endgame but white played an exact move g4 otherwise I want to play h5 or f5 in one moment.  
In one good old Soviet movie “Grandmaster”  there is an episode where a coach (Viktor Korchnoi) is asking his “pupil” (Andrey Myagkov) : “Please no experiments! play quiet, and follow the plan!”.  In the movie the main actor chose completely different behavior. Have you ever had such situations in your life?
Viktorija Cmilyte: - Here and there! I confess, I do this quite often indeed and in this way I am playing my coaches’ nerves, though I can do nothing about that!
Betul Yildiz – Tatiana Kosintseva 0-1
Tatiana Kosintseva: I was a bit surprised with my opponets’s choice as she usually play another system (Marozi with c4).  She chose principal variation, probably she had a special preparation. Probably  12.f5 was not exact move because white gave an important square e5 and my knights moved to e5 and c5. My opponent could also try to play 18.ef with idea to keep my king in the centre and then simply b3 in order to protect her king.
Betul Yildiz: yes, it was a special preparation today but after 10…Nd7 I was not sure if I played correctly or not. Actually I missed the whole idea with 20.b3 and maybe after I didn’t react in  a good way. I could have tried to play Nc3.

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